WP Spring Auction Fund-a-Need

Staff Grants: $3,000
Each year, the staff is invited to apply for grants from the PTA to fund resources and projects to enhance the educational mission and learning environment, and provide additional student support at WPES.  Your support allows the PTA to say “yes!” to our fabulous staff’s innovative and collaborative ideas.

Sensory Walk: $2,500sensory path
WPES is seeking funding to purchase and install a Sensory Path in the school to engage all students, including those with specific sensory needs.  The path consists of floor stickers that lead children through a series of movements as they pass through the hallways, providing the vestibular and sensory input needed to allow the body and brain to refocus – or, just to get the wiggles out!



Field Work: $2,000
The PTA currently funds all costs for every WPES student to participate in field work experiences, including transportation and admission fees.  Field work is critical to the Expeditionary Learning philosophy, and the PTA strongly believes that all students must have access to these experiences regardless of a family’s ability to pay.  Field work is the largest line item expense in the PTA’s budget each year.

STEM in PE: $1,500rocket-launchers-STEM-night-PE
Integrating STEM lessons into PE allows students to pair physical movement with understanding and retention of science and math concepts.  WPES is seeking to purchase STEM equipment including simple machine packages and rocket launch sets to further develop a love of science and to support learning expeditions.

Diversity Initiatives: $1,000
Our Diversity Committee has excelled in bringing our community together with events like a moderated diversity forum, Peace and Pie potluck dinners, and the revamped Black History Month Living Museum.  In addition, the committee created a moving Walk of Knowledge featuring diverse leaders and purchased books for students to enjoy with their families.  Your support of this committee allows it to continue its mission to facilitate an inclusive environment within our school and local community.

Classroom Supplies: $500
Preparing a classroom to engage young minds is not cheap!  Teachers routinely spend their own money to purchase basic supplies to support learning and create a welcoming environment.  Each August, the PTA provides stipends to staff members to assist with this expense.  Your support will allow those funds to go even further.

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