WP Read-A-Thon: Frequently Asked Questions

Read-A-Thon Questions and Answers

1. Should I record the time that I read in class?
No. In class minutes are not being counted this year.

2. Can I count books read to me at home?
Yes, if they are read to you by grown ups or older siblings.

3. My child can’t read yet? What should I count as reading for them?
Books read to your child by a parent, older sibling, nanny, etc. all count. Time your child spends sounding out words and learning to read also count.

4. Where can I find enough books for my child to read?
The Book Fair will (conveniently) happen the week before Read-A-Thon. Books will be available for check out from the classrooms throughout the week. Also, don’t forget to utilize your public library.

5. Which days do I need to bring the reading log to school?
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Your Read-A-Thon Rep will visit your classroom on those days to record your minutes read. We recommend you leave your reading log in your backpack so that you don’t forget it.

6. Will there be a daily limit or maximum number of minutes during the event?
No. You can read as many as you like!

7. Who should I ask to sponsor my child?
Ask everyone that you know! Friends, family, neighbors, and Godparents are all good choices. Convenient online payment makes it easy to ask your out of town friends and family to support you.

8. How do I make payment or turn in my money collected?
Money will be collected during the week of November 10th. Money can be sent to school in the smaller envelope provided in the large reading log envelope. Checks should be made out to ‘WP PTA’. Online payments can be made online through PayPal.

9. What should I do with my sponsor sheet after I’ve filled it up with sponsors?
Additional sponsor sheets are available online if you need them. After you’ve collected all pledges, please turn the sponsor sheet(s) in with your money.