Thank you, WPES!

Thank you, thank you to everyone who came out and stepped up for WPES on Saturday! It was a great party and we raised so much for our PTA initiatives (field work, staff grants, books, and more) and—of course—for our PLAYGROUND!!! WP families—you rock!

To our volunteers—our success is thanks to you! A big shout-out to Leah Humphries, our fearless and dedicated auction committee chair! She was behind the scenes and out on the floor making sure the whole event ran smoothly from start to finish. And to our invaluable auction team—procurement, raffle ticket and heads-or-tails necklace sellers, set-up and cleanup volunteers, Help Desk experts, and all the PTA board members—we couldn’t have done this without you!

To our staff—WOW! Your teacher experiences started bidding wars and raised so much for WPES. Thank you for your generosity and creativity and for being the amazing people you are. We have the best staff around!

To our sponsors—we ate, drank, and looked great thanks to you! Bolger + Battle (signage and promotional materials), Color Wheel (venue), Badda Bing (food), Oakhurst Market and Wahoo! Wine and Provisions (wine), Folk Art and Wrecking Bar (beer)

To our donors—incredible dining experiences, summer camps, sports events, travel packages—we are so grateful for everything donated, especially those by our own WP families! And the class baskets were huge hits! Thanks so much to all the parents who donated.

Finally, a special thanks to a few people who donated time and items for our live auction and raffle and heads-or-tails game: Kristen Pastras, who created gorgeous art from our kids’ handiwork, and Audrey and Scott Graf, WP alums who donated the items for our games.

Thank you for your generous donations and your support of WPES!

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