Update: WP PTA and GA PTA

Dear PTA members,

In early August, we shared that we would be withholding our member dues to Georgia PTA until we felt confident that steps were being taken to move the organization out of probation and into good standing with National PTA. A new executive committee has since been elected to govern GA PTA, and the president elect, Karen Hallacy, addressed the issues facing the organization:

“It is our goal to rebuild trust at every level, both within the Association and externally. I believe our job is to be as transparent as possible. Moving forward we will be open in our communication and try to respond quickly to address any concerns.

“The first order of business for the newly formed executive committee is to complete the financial audit necessary to meet the requirements of the organization to its constituents. Treasurer, Lynn McIntyre, of Fulton, is working with the team to immediately address this project and restore fiscal confidence.”

On the recommendation of National PTA, we will be submitting our dues to Georgia PTA, according to GA bylaws. Here is a statement from National PTA:

“National PTA encourages all Georgia PTA local units to comply with Georgia PTA’s bylaws. Those bylaws require local units to send both the state and national portion of PTA dues to the Georgia PTA, and dues submission is one of the requirements for a unit to be in good standing. We encourage units to remain in good standing so they are eligible to apply for PTA grants and awards and participate in PTA programs that serve children, families, and schools.

“National PTA continues to work with Georgia PTA to assist them in coming back into compliance with the National PTA Standards of Affiliation. The probation period will not end prior to September 29, 2017, per National PTA policy, and progress is being made toward the goal of removing the probation status.”

If you have further questions, please contact us at board@winnonaparkpta.org.

Thank you,

Your PTA Board


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