2016 Spring Auction: A Surreal Good Time!

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Auction time is less than six weeks away! The PTA is excited to announce that we are planning a ‘Surreal Good Time’ at Color Wheel Art Studio on Saturday, March 19th. Book your sitter now and come out for an evening of mind-bending fun, featuring sleights of hand, games of chance, glowing drinks, and a psychedelic soundtrack. A lot of fun is in the works. Remember, things aren’t always as they seem! More details coming soon.

As with all of our most enjoyable events, we need your help to make this year’s auction successful. Volunteers receive a complimentary auction ticket ($30 value) and can take pride in knowing they were part of planning such a memorable party! The hardest parts are done, now we’re finalizing details and can use some hands coordinating. Please reach out to the chair of one (or more…) of the subcommittees below to see how you can help. We’re having a lot of fun with it this year!

Chair: Phillip Weidower (Pwiedower@gmail.com) 
PTA Support: Chris Sidor (cjsidor@gmail.com)

Children’s Art Projects
Chair: Kristen Pastras (kristen@kspcreative.com) 
PTA Support: Christine Sterne (Xtinesterne@gmail.com)

Donation Procurement
Chair: Lorelei Lane (loreleimcooper@gmail.com)
PTA Support: Heidi Grenda (heidigrenda@gmail.com)/ Andrea Andrade (decaturandrea@gmail.com)

Marketing and Communications
Chair: Tammie Willis (tammie_s_willis@yahoo.com)
PTA Support: Julie Brody (juliembrody@gmail.com)

Chair: Julia Harris (knga1969@gmail.com)

PTA Support: Emily Janke (emily_janke@yahoo.com)/ Caroline Herring (cherringcrespino@gmail.com)

Many thanks to all of the chairs who have stepped up to lead. Your help is deeply appreciated!

We will be updating the PTA web site with an auction page soon, but until then, feel free to contact me with any questions at decaturandrea@gmail.com.


Andrea Andrade

WPES PTA President
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